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S  HE  was manifested into the world whilst living in Morocco, a rich country located in North Africa, the birthplace of a mysticism of its own, ritualistic jewellery of the Amazigh, and magic embedded in the desert of the Sahara. 

The collection is a dedication to the original masters of jewellery, the craft itself,  and the deeper understanding that the trade and adorning oneself is of sacred act, as recognized amongst indigenous groups across the red Earth.



Our collection also has a strong connection to the old architecture, landscapes, allegory, and royal figures of ancient civilizations.  


Che Dobbins, the creator of S HE originally from Los Angeles, California found herself living quite the nomadic narrative putting down roots in Portland-Oregon, New Zealand, Australia and Morocco. Che's fascination to jewellery began as a child, with an inquisitiveness to her mother's vast collection of ethnic jewellery, and a fond memory of admiring the intricacies of each piece she owned, yearning to understand the unique story and birthplace of her mother's treasured collection. 

Che began collecting varied trinkets, from old pocket watch parts, skeleton keys to all things rustic- anything with a unique story. She found the beauty in salvaging things that held a deeper narrative, recognizing the potential in transforming old objects into wearable adornments. It was a deeper understanding of connecting to the historical origins of jewellery that led her on a creative journey, a youthful curiosity evolved into a full fledged passion. 

Discovering her potential, led to her connection to metal, completing a metal-smithing course in 2015 at Poly-tech in Melbourne, Australia. She gained more inspiration from independent study looking into archives related to the origins of jewellery tracing back to ancient societies, sparking an interest to travel to North Africa, personally proving to be the Mecca for historical Amazigh jewellery and old magic.


Che's collection has been featured in GQ Magazine, British Vogue and Flanelle Magazine and is now based  in Marrakech which geographically marks the birthplace of her jewellery brand S  HE. 

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