Inspired by the theoretic narrative of Robert Bauval & Thomas Brophy's, 'The Pre-historic Origins of Ancient Egypt', and the ideaology that Egyptian civilization was emerged by Black Africans from the Sahara Desert existing thousands of years prior to the earliest known pharoahs; and the idea that the pyramids, sculptures and hieroglyphics were the result of their advanced knowledge and inventiveness. 




☥ Power

☥ Abundance 

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  • Pendant Length: 5 cm  Width: 7.2 cm


    Metal: Handcrafted w/ Moroccan 925 Sterling Silver + 18kt Gold Plate


    Chain: Raw Brass/18kt Gold Plate 


    Jewelry Care:

    S HE is handmade with care and we know you’re going to want  to keep it looking magical. So here are some tips to help you do just that:


    + To avoid damage, store your jewellery separate from each other to        minimise scratching and tangling; when not wearing your jewellery store in a velvet bag or a proper jewellery box. 


    + Do not swim or shower in your jewellery as it will allow tarnishing and dull the magic of your jewels; avoid water while wearing.

    + We use genuine .925 Moroccan silver, although please be aware that sterling silver can still discolor due to exposure from sweat because of skin contact, cosmetics and the elements. The shine will return after a quick polish to your silver, We will provide a mini polishing cloth to help keep your silver staying shiny & magical!


    + Please be aware that although the base metal is .925 sterling silver, the gold-plate does wear off over time naturally, with that being said, this is a natural process and does not undermine the value and appearance of the jewellery.